Episode 23

Episode 23: Michael Bragg - Recteq

Published on: 22nd March, 2023

About this Episode: Michael Bragg, a performance marketing management expert, shares his expertise on mastering the art of performance marketing management Michael has helped numerous businesses to build and grow successful brands.

In this interview, Michael discusses the key strategies and techniques for building a strong performance marketing infrastructure. He also shares his insights on how to leverage social media and other digital channels to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to launch a new brand, or a marketer seeking to enhance your brand's growth, Michael's valuable tips and insights will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the top experts in brand management!

Do you want to learn more? Check out his website: https://michaelsbragg.mystrikingly.com/


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LinkedIn (Michael Bragg): https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelsbragg1/

Personal Website: https://michaelsbragg.mystrikingly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaelsbragg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/braggg

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